BeachTravels participants book their own accommodation. Both Halmstad and Tylösand offer a wide range and variety of accommodations. The advantage of living in Tylösand is the close proximity to the courts and event area. But living in Halmstad (8km from Tylösand) gives you the advantage of feeling the city vibe.

Through BeachTravels we have been able to reserve different living solutions for BeachTravels participants up until March 3rd. Better be quick! First come first serve!

If you’re looking for a more luxury standard of living we recommend Tylösand Hotel.
Prices range from 1120SEK for a single room to 1620SEK for a double room.

SummerSmash participants receive a 10% discount at Trasten Hotel in Tylösand. A double room costs 450SEK /person and night and a triple room costs 350SEK /person and night. Trasten Hotel can also pair BeachTravels participants that book alone together in a room. All 40 beds are reserved for BeachTravels participants, simply state the word “beachvolley” upon booking.

If you would like to live as close as possible to the beach and courts we recommend booking a room at Tylebäck Hotel. Rooms are reserved for SummerSmash participant up until March 3rd.

Don’t forget to use the code “summersmash” upon booking.

Rooms are also reserved at Strandgården for SummerSmash participants up until March 3rd. Booking code: SummerSmash. Strandgården is located 7km from the arena.

Reserved rooms:
Maneten – 2, 4 and 6 bed rooms (from 445SEK/night)
Sjöstjärnan – 2 bed room (785SEK/night)
The cozy Hovgård offers studios (1890SEK), double rooms (1440SEK) and “Hönshuset” (7900SEK/week) 4,3km from the beach. Bicycles included! Also reserved for BeachTravels participants up until March 3rd.

Through First Camping we’ve reserved Tylösand cottages, WestCoast cottages & Sandhamn cottages during week 29 and Tylösand cottages during week 30. Also reserved till March 3rd.

Activation code: summersmash. Prices per night 1550SEK, 1350SEK or 1250SEK

Check out Tyludden for other cozy alternatives, nice cottages are rented out privately in a calm family area close to the beach. Post an ad with a booking inquiry. Prices are not fixed.

Accommodation in Halmstad:

BeachTravels has reserved rooms at Kaptenshem hostel. Use the booking code “summersmash” before March 3rd to access these reserved rooms. Limited amount. Prices range from 350SEK per person and night. Single room costs 500SEK.

Hotel Scandia Hallandia, prices range from 1127SEK for a single room to 1297SEK for a double room.

Halmstad county’s home page also offers links to an array of living arrangements in and about Halmstad city.

And why not gather your friends and rent a house, apartment or summer house through or, often a pretty good deal and an enticing experience!




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